Yogurt is one of the most used “mazze” (or Mezes) in Iran, Turkey and many other middle eastern countries. In my house we consume 2 L of plain yogurt each week! So for me, It’s almost a tradition to make yogurt every week! 🙂

with this recipe, you can make yogurt easily at home. Plain yogurt has many benefits: vitamins (B2-B12), calcium, potassium and magnesium and probiotics.


120g/4.2oz White greek yogurt
20g/0.7oz fresh cream (Optional)
1L/35fl.oz of Milk


1- Mix the fresh cream with yogurt (cream helps the yogurt becomes sour, if you don’t like, don’t add)
2- Pour whole milk in a pot and bring its tempreture just below the boiling point

Stir the milk so it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot after 4-5 mins of light simmering remove it from the heat.

Wait till milk’s temperature comes down… around 30°C (86°f)

3- Pour 4-5 Table Spoon of milk to the mix of yogurt to dilute it
4- Now add the whole mix to the milk
5- Stir gently to mix everything together
6- Pour it into a clean container

7- Cover it with a cloth to stay warm longer
11- Put it on a warm and protected place (like an OFF oven) let it stay for 6-8 hours. If you like soar yogurt then 10-12 hours
Our yogurt is ready
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