Italian Custard – Crema Pasticcera

Italian Custard or Crema Pasticcera is a basic cream that is used in many sweet recipes. you can make Chantilly cream which is the mix of Custard and whipped cream. It’s so easy and quick to make (except when it should get colder)


Lemon peel
20g/0.7oz 00 wheat flour
350g/12.5oz of Milk
80g/2.8oz granulated sugar
pinch of Vanilla
3 egg yolks


1- In a bowl put the egg yolks & sugar
2- Whisk them
3- In a small pot add milk, vanilla and peel of lemon. bring the pot just below the boiling point
4- Add flour to the egg mix and whisk
5- When you see vapor comes out of pot remove the peel of lemon
6- Add just a bit of the hot milk to the bowl of yolks and whisk gently till it’s not dense anymore
7- Pour all the mix back into the milk pot on medium heat
8- A white foam, forms on top of cream mixture, be patient, and stir gently and constantly
9- Change the spoon with a whisk (when it becomes more dense) and continue till it gets dense like image
10- Place the custard in a bowl
11- Cover it with a foam and wait till it cool down then put it in the fridge, after 3 hours It’s ready!

If you add a bit of whipped cream to it, the custard will be more fluffy, if you like add also a bit of rum and it will become Chantilly cream! 😉

Enjoy 👌🏻

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