About Me


I’m Bahareh, born and raised in Iran and live in Italy for almost 14 years!

In 2004 I moved to Siena to study Communication Technology followed by Interaction Design. I finished my studies in 2010. You might think it has nothing to do with cooking but thanks to this part of my life I was able to make foodcraftz.com website.

I discovered my passion for cooking when I was homesick at the university period. It was hard to live by myself far from family, changing drastically the ambient and culture even though I had so many good Italian friends and had a great experience of living university life, I felt something was always missing and each time I was cooking, that feeling started to disappear and I felt much better after. It was like a therapy!

The love of food

So I’m not a professional cook but I love food, and lucky me, I live in one of the most “delicious” countries in the world: ITALY. Italians are very severe regarding their food and food traditions. Their attention to ingredients, the process of cooking and how you eat a certain food is surprisingly serious. Living here for many years made me somehow sensitive toward food as well. Strangely I’m feeling so concerned about how people eat what I cook 🙂

About Foodcraft

I chose this name the day after I watched Warcraft in the cinema! :-)) In that period, I was trying to make this blog but didn’t know how should I name it… So bingo! I just changed slightly the “crafts” to “craftz” otherwise, the cost of the domain was: $10k!

In Foodcrafz, which is a side project of mine, I tried to put different recipes mostly Iranian (where I’m from) and Italian (where I live) but also you can find some low carb recipes (for when I’m in diet! coz a real food lover gets fat too! 😎 ) and some recipes from other cuisines that I like most.

There are some names in Iranian cuisine which are irreplaceable and can’t be translated. So I keep calling them with their original names. For example Tahdig = Crust of Rice at the bottom of the pot.


Whenever I have time I’m working to make this site better, hope you find the recipes interesting. If you have any suggestion, I would be happy to hear from you.

I will continue to update the site with new recipes. Hope you like them 😉

Email me: contact@foodcraftz.com

Thank you for passing by, happy navigation! 🙂