turnip greens with beans

Turnip greens with beans – Vegan

With already cooked beans, the “Turnip greens with beans” will be ready in than 25 mins! In the Italian version, you don’t add any spices. But I think adding a bit of cumin and fennel brings it flavor to another level. Toast some rustic bread with a good extra virgin olive oil and the taste is like heaven! 😉

Ingredients | Servings: 2

Extra virgin Olive Oil

450g/ 16oz Turnip greens
300g/10.5oz over cooked white beans*
3-4 pieces of toasted bread per portion
2 cloves of Garlic

ground black pepper

*I cooked the white beans with turmeric & cumin in a pressure cooker for 40mins, If you add salt at the end , they cook very quickly! 😉


1- Cut 2 garlics

2- Add it to a pan with extra virgin olive oil on medium high heat, stir for 1 or 2 mins

*optional: add a pinch of cumin (more) and fennel (less)

3- In the meantime cut the frozen (or fresh) turnip greens in small pieces

4- Add them to the pan
5- Put on the lid and let them cook for 20-25 mins on medium heat

8- Prepare good fluffy pieces of bread, and toast them to be crunchy (I used simply a toaster) or for a better flavor grill them
6- Add the cooked white beans (I previously cooked them with turmeric that’s why they are yellow)

7- Give them a stir and let them cook for other 5 mins on low heat
9- Add salt and black pepper to taste and mix, now it’s done!

10- On a plate put the pieces of bread and add the best quality of extra virgin olive oil you have
11- Add the Turnip greens mix on top of bread, pour a bit of extra virgin olive oil also on top & they are ready to serve

Buon appetito!

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