Soft Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

In most of the big chain coffee shops, Cinnamon Rolls are usually made of puff pastry so they have loads of butter inside. This recipe is with bun’s dough instead, so they are soft and moist with less butter. I add also a syrup on top which has orange juice to ease the sweetness of cinnamon rolls. To give them a nice texture, I also used -partially- strong flour (In Italy Manitoba flour is famous to have loads of gluten) in the dough to give it a nice texture when you bite! 😉

Ingredients | Servings: 7-8

220g/7.7oz 00 wheat flour

80g/2.8 Strong flour
4-3tbsp Brown sugar
2 Eggs
100g/3.5oz Milk

100g/3.5oz butter
7g/0.2oz fresh yeast
3g/half tsp salt

2-3 tsp cinnamon
for syrup:
100g/3.5 water

70g/2.5oz Brown sugar
Half of an orange


devide butter in 2 parts: 50grams goes inside dough. the remaining 20g is to spread on the dough so the cinnamon filling stick better to it (so it should be in room tapreture).

1- Dissolve yeast in a bit of water
2- Put a small pan on very low heat & add milk, butter, 1tbsp sugar, salt and vanilla mix till all ingredients are dissolve

Turn off the heat

3- Your mixture should be tepid if it’s too warm wait till it gets colder and add 1 egg and yeast. Mix them well
4- In a bowl (i use the one of machine) mix in both flours, pour the liquid mixure and create the dough with your spatula
5- Then knead with your hands or put it in machine to form gluten, at first the dough looks so moist
6- Cover the dough with a foil and put it aside till it double in size (2-3 hours)
Meanwhile on heat mix 100g/3.5 of water and 70g/2.5oz of sugar boil them and add half of the orange juice
boil them for 4-5 mins then the syrup for rolls is ready
7- In a small bowl mix the brown sugar with cinnamon for the filling

Making rolls

8- When the dough proofs put it on a wide board and start to knead
9- With a rolling pin make a wide thick circle
10- Bent it over itself
11- Cover it with a foil and wait 10 mins
Repeat this phase for atleast 1 other time. This gives the roll a nice texture when you bite 👌🏻
12- Open the dough with rolling pin this time thiner like photo
13- Spread the remaining butter (room tempreture) on top
14- Add the cinnamon mixture
15- Roll gently the dough over itself
16- Finish it by pressing the remaining dough to the rest of the roll
17- Cut each roll each 2cm/1inch
18- Put them on a try with baking paper and wait 1 hour to proof
19- After 1 hour, egg wash the top rolls
20- Put them in the oven for 15 mins on 190C°/375F° + 2 mins on grill to have a golden color on top
21- Make 2-3 holes in each roll with toothpick
22- Pour the syrup on the rolls

Wait 1 hour so they absorb the syrup and become moist and ready to serve. 🙂


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