Kamut + Spelt bread is ready

Rustic spelt & kamut bread – high in fibre

I made this Rustic Spelt & Kamut Bread because I wanted to put more fiber into my daily food and came up with this recipe! This bread is so DENSE and is a wonderful combination with bruschettas and Patè. Hope you like it!


500g/17.7oz whole spelt flour
200g/7oz whole kamut flour
12g/0.5oz fresh yeast
10g/0.4oz salt
500g/17.5oz warm water
5g/0.1oz Brown sugar


In the dough machine pour water, yeast and sugar. Mix till yeast and sugar are dissolved.
Mix first flour and salt together and add them to the rest of ingredients in dough machine. Mix everything with a spatula first to create the dough then, turn on the machine.

making first doughmaking the first dough

Let the machine knead the dough for 15 mins. During this time the gluten of Khorasan/Kamut Wheat and Spelt will be activated and yeast will spread all over the dough.

Dough ready after 15 mins in mixer

Place the dough in a big bowl and cover it with a plastic foil.

Dough rests till it size doubles

Put it in a close and warm place, like an off oven to proof for 2-3 hours or till it doubles in size.

dough after resting for 2-3 hours

When it doubles in size put it on a board. Knead it for 1-2 mins. Give it a shape like a ball.

Put it on a tray (which later goes in the oven) and cover it with a clean slightly moist kitchen towel or overturn a big bowl like I did:

before resting (for the second time)
bowl on bread dough

It needs to proof for other 2 hours.

after the second proofing… just ready for the oven!
in the oven:

At 180°C (360°F) preheated oven, bake for 1 hour.

Kamut + Spelt bread is ready
Kamut and Spelt Bread Inside
This bread is ideal for different type of pate or bruschetta

This bread is DENSE, so it’s ideal to eat it with pate or creamy chease.

Enjoy! 🙂

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