Ghormeh Sabzi

Ghormeh Sabzi – Persian stew of herbs

This dish is among the most delicious Iranian food recipes. The Fenugreek is the superstar here! So only if you have this specific ingredient, you can cook Ghormeh Sabzi!

You should be Veeeery patient while cooking this dish. Although I’m using a pressure cooker, be aware that you will need about 2.5 hours to cook! ⌛️

p.s. this dish is served with Iranian rice and it’s great with raw onions and white plain yogurt 🙂


1 teaspoon Turmeric
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp cumin
500g/17oz lamb rear thigh
Ghee or oil

chopped parsley
350g/12.3oz chopped parsley

chopped Leek
500g/17.6oz chopped chives or leek
Dried Fenugreek herb
3tbs Dried Fenugreek
100g Red beans
140g/4.9oz Red beans
Dried lemon
4-5 Dried lemon

1 onion
2 onion
ground black pepper


You don’t need to chop the meat, in the end, the meat becomes so soft & tender that will divide by itself.

meat & beans 50 mins in pressure cooker

In pressure cooker on medium-high heat, stir fry the meat till it surfaces become slightly caramelized.

Add turmeric and stir fry for more seconds then add: 1 whole onion, red beans with a half teaspoon of cumin. (don’t add salt because it causes beans to cook slower)

Add 2 cups of water and cook them for 50 minutes in pressure cooker

Meat and red beans for ghormeh sabzi
Meat and red beans for ghormeh sabzi after 50mins on pressure cooker

During this time, prepare the herbs.


If you like to have that black oil on top of the Ghormeh Sabzi (traditional way), you need to pour A LOT of oil in this phase.

In a pot pour ghee or vegetable oil (a lot if you like!)

Add the chopped onions and stir fry them, when they get translucent add turmeric and stir for some seconds.

Add all the herbs: chives, parsley, fenugreek. Stir fry them till their color become darker. Season with salt and pepper. (It takes 30-40 mins)

Herbs for ghormeh sabzi are ready
Herbs for ghormeh sabzi are ready

Combine together all the ingredients (mix of meat and herbs) in a bigger pot and let them simmer for 30mins

Meanwhile, prepare dried lemons:

Wash them first with cold water, Simmer them, for 20mins, in a small pot aside. This way, their aroma comes out in water, and they become softer. then create holes in their skin (with fork or knife be careful!)

Dried Lemons for ghormeh sabzi

Create holes in their skin (with fork or knife be careful!)

Add the dried lemons & and their water to the big pot. Add salt and pepper, Simmer all together for another hour. Taste the seasoning before serving.

Ghormeh Sabzi is ready!

Ghormeh Sabzi
Ghormeh Sabzi with Tahdig
Ghormeh Sabzi with Tahdig 😉

Noosh e Jan!

p.s. this is the recipe for persian white rice

While eating, warn your guests of presence of the dried lemons. For those who don’t know, it has a very strong flavor, and it’s not the best surprises to have it under your teeth! But some people, like my own mother, enjoy them like the rest of the stew! 🤣

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