Shirazi Salad is a very easy salad. Named after one of the ancient cities of Iran: Shiraz. It’s so refreshing and is a good combination with spicy dishes.

Ingredients | Servings: 2-3

2 cucumber, 6-7 cherry tomatoes (or 3 big ones) , 1 Onion and a pinch of dried Mint (for the sauce)

Sauce ingredients:

Extravirgin Olive Oil
ground black pepper
half of lime or lemon
pinch of dried mint, crush them finly with your fingers


1- Dice all the ingredients
2- In small container add oil, juice of lime/lemon, salt, pepper and mint
3- Mix them well till salt dissolves
4- Put the ingredients in a bowl and pour the sauce and mix them well
The Shirazi Salad is Ready!


It is a great combination with dishes like Adas polo (Lentils with rice) and spicy flavors

Noosh e jan 🙂

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