Adas polo Lentils with rice

Lentils with Rice – Adas Polo Recipe

Adas Polo is an easy Iranian dish. For this recipe, you need to have the 2 main ingredients: Basmati rice and Lentils. It doesn’t matter so much what kind of lentils you use (green, red, gigantic…) the important thing is the rice should be Basmati (however if you can’t find it, Thai rice is also good).

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There are many variations of Adas polo ( = LentilsRice) with minced meat but for this recipe, I decided to make a nonmeat version which is a common dish among Iranians. With a few ingredients and 1.5 hours of patients then you are done! 😉

Ingredients | Servings: 3 | Cooking Time: 1hour 30mins

150g/5.2oz lentils
1 white onion
1 tsp Turmeric
350g/12.3oz Basmati rice
ground black pepper
Ghee or vegtable oil
2 knobs of butter
half tsp cinnamon
For topping (optional)
Some chopped dates 3-4
a handful of sultanas
video recipe of adaspolo

Preparation of lentils

Cook the lentils in a pot (with water and salt) for about 30-40 mins it depends on the type of lentils

– Chop the onions

– Add a bit of ghee or vegetable oil (if you want vegan) in a pan and fry them with turmeric and salt

– Add the cooked lentils and cinnamon, stir the mix for 3-4 mins

turn off the heat

– In a small glass, pour a bit of hot water (less than half) and add grounded saffron, wait 2-3 mins till it gives full color to water pour half of it in the lentils mix in the pan

Preparation of rice

– First wash very well the basmati rice, till the color of water becomes clear.

– In a big pot bring the salted water to boil

– Add the basmati rice, wait till the water starts to boil, wait 5-10 mins till the rice grows in size

The rice is ready to be drained

– Drain the rice

– Put a non-sticky pot on the stove add a bit of water and ghee (or vegetable oil) and the rest of the saffron water

– add first a layer of rice on the bottom of the pot, then the next layer lentils

Adding 1 layer rice 1 layer lentils till all ingredients goes in pot

– For the first 5 mins, the heat should be on medium

– Put a pan on heat & add a bit of water and the butter until it melts.

– With the bottom of a spoon create deep holes in the lentils rice

Pouring the butter mix on the lentils rice
Put a clean kitchen cloth (preferably cotton) around the lid

-Turn down the heat and let it cook for 1 hour


In a pan fry for 2-3 mins on medium heat the chunks of dates and sultanas raisin and it’s ready to serve

– Some people like it without the sweet topping so sometimes the topping comes aside the platter


This dish is usually served with: pickles, Shirazi salad and white yogurt.

Noosh e jan 😉

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