Dried Fruits for Christmas preparation

Dried fruit in rum for Christmas cake

This fruit mixture is very handy when it comes to Christmas delicacies. I bake many cakes during this period and having them ready, let you save loads of time. There are no restrictions for the kind of dried fruit to use just remember to avoid nuts because when they are soaked in the liquid they lose their crunchiness and we don’t want that!


30g/1oz Dried apple
120g/4.2oz Dried apricot
120g/4.2oz Dried blueberries
50g/1.8oz Dried sour cherry
80g/2.8oz sultana raisins
70g/2.4oz Candied Orange
250g/8.8oz Rum of your choice


– Chop dried fruits into small pieces (except the raisins)

– In a big bowl mix all ingredients and pour the liquor of your choice (I used Bacardi gold)

– I used 2 glass containers (because I didn’t One big glass container) put the mixture, half full, so when the dried fruits absorb the liquor they have space to grow.

– Ideally, it’s better to wait for 2 days but you can use them earlier.

Enjoy 😉

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