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Christmas Cake

Christmas cake with dried fruits

The classic Christmas cake with dried fruits is one of the popular sweets in the Christmas period. It has long preparations like soaking your own selection of dried fruit in rum for at least 2 days before. I love the scent of the spices and the dense texture of it! There is no special techniques…

ketogenic brad and low carb bread

Keto Bread / Low carb bread

This Keto Bread / Low carb bread is gluten-free, so no wheat flour is been used, so just consider that it will have a different texture compared to a normal bread. When you eat it fresh (just out of the oven) outside is a bit crunchy but inside is smooth and mushy (but it’s cooked…

Meat Piroshky

Meat Piroshki with Iranian twist

It’s a fried dough that contains a tasty filling which is usually made of minced meat. Piroshki is part of Russian cuisine and is so popular in Iran alongside Olivie’s Salad and Beef Stroganoff! My mom used to make this piroshki with Zereshk (dried barberry) when I was a kid! She always bought the dough…

Kamut + Spelt bread is ready

Rustic spelt & kamut bread – high in fibre

I made this Rustic Spelt & Kamut Bread because I wanted to put more fiber into my daily food and came up with this recipe! This bread is so DENSE and is a wonderful combination with bruschettas and Patè. Hope you like it! Ingredients Preparation In the dough machine pour water, yeast and sugar. Mix…

Naan Barbari – Barbari bread

Barbari bread or Naan Barbari is one of the famous bread of Iran. Any Iranian dish feels more authentic with this bread. After lots of trial and error, I come up with this recipe which respects the characteristics of the original bread. Hope you like it! Ingredients for glaze: Preparation of topping: In a small…