Ghormeh Sabzi

Ghormeh Sabzi – Persian stew of herbs

This dish is among the most delicious Iranian food recipes. The Fenugreek is the superstar here! So only if you have this specific ingredient, you can cook Ghormeh Sabzi! You should be Veeeery patient while cooking this dish. Although I’m using a pressure cooker, be aware that you will need about 2.5 hours to cook!…

Zereshk Polo Morgh – Barberry Rice with Chicken

Zereshk Polo Morgh literally means: Zereshk (dried barberry), Rice, Chicken. It’s one of the easiest dishes in Iranian cuisine. It cooks in 1 hour. But if you like a good tahdig (rice crust) it can take longer 😉 I think with chicken thighs tastes better but feel free to use any part of chicken you…