Fiber Paste for breakfast

Fiber paste is great for Breakfast! It has so much fiber and the main sweetening ingredient is STEVIA. I use this paste like a butter! with low carb bread, it tastes so good, you should consider that this is NOT KETO because it has sugary fruits (although so low). This paste gives you lots of…

Sausage with rapini keto recipe

Sausage with Rapini

This is a keto recipe: low carb, no gluten and no sugar. The Sausage with Rapini is so easy to cook and FAST! It makes you feel full for many hours. Ingredients | Servings: 1 Preparation I have frozen rapini, one thing that you should know about them is – for what is considered to…

Kamut + Spelt bread is ready

Rustic Spelt & Kamut Bread – High In Fibre

I made this Rustic Spelt & Kamut Bread because I wanted to put more fiber into my daily food and came up with this recipe! This bread is so DENSE and is a wonderful combination with bruschettas and Patè. Hope you like it! Ingredients Preparation In the dough machine pour water, yeast and sugar. Mix…

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