Fiber paste is great for Breakfast! It has so much fiber and the main sweetening ingredient is STEVIA. I use this paste like a butter! with low carb bread, it tastes so good, you should consider that this is NOT KETO because it has sugary fruits (although so low). This paste gives you lots of fiber and energy to start your day!


200g/7oz Flax seeds
200g/7oz Almonds
5-7 strawberries (not for keto*)
1 kiwifruit (not for keto*)
1 tbsp Soy or sunflower Lecithin
1/2 tbs Vanilla
1 tsp pure Stevia

*Use 1 lemon/lime juice instead


1- Put the almonds ground them with machine till you gain flour
2- Here is our almond paste
3- Do the same with flax seeds
4- Mix flax seed paste and almond past together and add 1 tablespoon of lecithin
5- To this bowl add a bit of salt and mix all the ingredients together
6- In mixer put the fruits and blend them
7- Pour blended fruits in a big bowl
8- Add Vanilla & Stevia (i’m using pure stevia that’s why it’s so few if yours isn’t you need to add 2-3 tablespoon)
9- Add the almond flour to the fruits and mix all together
10- At the end you should have a paste like this which is a bit hard to stir

Put the paste in a container and let it rest for a night! the day after the soya’s lecithin are dissolve and you have a nice nutty paste.

It’s a very healthy breakfast it can be gluten-free if you decide to have it with keto bread. It’s full of nuts and fiber and it makes you feel so full for next hours. It tastes great if you eat the paste with some fresh strawberries.

Enjoy! 🙂

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