This is a keto recipe: low carb, no gluten and no sugar. The Italian Sausage with Rapini is so easy to cook and FAST! You will not feel hungry for hours.

Ingredients | Servings: 1

400-300g/14-10 fresh or frozen Rapini
1 sausage for each person
1 Garlic
salt to taste
ground black pepper to taste
Extravirgin Olive Oil


I have frozen rapini, one thing that you should know about them is – for what is considered to be a veggie – they are stubborn to cook!

1- Chopp roughly rapinis
2- Cut the sausage in half but don’t separate the two parts

I left the skin around the sausage on one side (“Italian Salsiccia” has an edible skin which is intestine of the animal. Check yours if it is edible, if not remove it) This helps the two sides doesn’t separate during the cooking process.

3- Pour olive oil and add the chopped garlic, stir for 2-3 mins on medium heat
4- Add the rapini to the pan and stir for 10 mins on medium high heat
5- Add salt and pepper put the lid on the pan and continue to cook for other 15 to 20 mins on medium heat, if necessary add a bit of water
6- When our rapini becomes tender they are ready!
7- In another pan on medium high heat, pour a bit of olive oil, when it gets hot add the sausage from the side of its skin
8- (Optional) to make sure our sausage will cook evenly with crust i put some weight on it!
9- After 4-5 mins on medium high heat, turn it over it should have a crispy surface (i put again the weight, it helps to have more crispy surface on the other side too)
10- Same amount of minuts for the other side, then it’s ready!

On the dish first put the rapini then place the sausage on top.

Sausage with rapini! pour extra virgin olive oil on the rapini and serve
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