Kuku sabzi is one of the famous Iranian dishes which is made of only herbs, spices and eggs. You may eat Kuku Sabzi with rice or bread (not in Keto diet :D) or alone. It tastes great with lemon or plain yogurt. In many Iranian restaurants, it is served as an appetizer.

Ingredients | Servings: 2

300g/10oz Coriander
200g/7oz Dill
200g/7oz Parsley
300g/10oz chopped Leek
4 Eggs
1 clove of Garlic
1 teaspoon salt
ground black pepper to taste
1 teaspoon Turmeric
Ghee or oil


Cutting herbs is the most challenging part of this recipe! You can’t do this with a machine because they are made to cut the “veggies” NOT “herbs” so they cause the juice (their minerals and tastes) runoff. This makes it impossible to cook a good KUKU of Herbs but this will not happen with a good sharp knife in your hands.

1- Put on board all herbs
2- Chop them finely
3- Also chop the leek* and add to the rest
4- Mix them in a bowl and grate a garlic

*in Iran we use Tareh (تره) which is more delicate in texture but here in Italy I can’t find it, so I use leek which is from the same family.

5- Add salt, pepper and eggs and mix them well with herbs
6- Oops lets not forget about Turmeric!

Mix everything and prepare the pan, pour a generous amount of oil (ghee or olive oil) in the pan and wait till it becomes hot

Into the pan

7- With the help of a spatula spread homogeneously the paste everywhere
8- Don’t cover the pan! let our mix cook on medium high heat for 10 mins till it loose some of it moist
9- Try to divide this circle in 4 parts while its cooking
10- Add more oil in case you see it’s becoming dry

Set the heat to medium and wait for about 10 mins so one side cooks and become solid.

11- Upturn the Kuku’s pieces
12- Wait other 8-10mins to cook the other side

It tastes great with lemon juice or natural yogurt and bread* (*if you don’t have keto/low carb diet).

Kuku sabzi with natural yogurt
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