Naan Barbari – Barbari bread

Barbari bread or Naan Barbari is one of the famous bread of Iran. Any Iranian dish feels more authentic with this bread.
After lots of trial and error, I come up with this recipe which respects the characteristics of the original bread. Hope you like it!


400g/14oz bread flour
18g fresh yeast
10g/0.3oz salt
240g/8.4oz warm water
Tray of wheat bran
for glaze:
Half cup water
half tsp baking soda
half tsp Flour

Preparation of topping:

In a small pan mix all the ingredients for glaze: half cup water + half tsp baking soda + half tsp flour and simmer for 4-5 mins.

Topping of the Barbari Bread is ready

Put it aside to cool down.

Preparation of dough

Dissolve the yeast+sugar in warm water.

In a bowl add salt to the flour and mix them while they are dry

1- Mix all the ingredient in machine, let it knead for about 15 mins till gluten forms
2- It is normal to have a very loose dough and it should looks like this
3- Put the dough to proof and cover it with a plastic foil let it proof till it doubles in size
4- The dough is ready, now we should prepare the balls
5- Place it on a clean surface but covered with flour, sprinckl flour on top of it to avoid sticking to the working surface and your hands. No need to knead!
6- Divide the dough into equal pieces. I have a small oven that’s why my barbari breads will be small but feel free to make the dough balls bigger to have a bigger bread. (so instead of 4 balls, make only 2)
7- Dough balls are ready to proof
8- Remember to sprinkle flour on the tray before putting them on tray
9- Cover with a clean humid kitchen towel and let them proof for 1 hour
10- Our working space

Preparation of bread

11- Don’t forget to place the tray of wheat bran near you
12- Take one ball
13- Sprinkle flour on the surface, place the dough on it and press the dough with top of your fingers and spread it to have an oval shape then put the dough on tray of wheat bran
14- After you put it on the tray, add 1 or 2 spoons of glaze
15- Spread it well with your hands on top of the dough
16- Press the dough with your fingertips and make strips on it

Important, put a pizza stone on the basement of the oven or if you don’t have it, put simply the oven tray but on the lower side of the oven (NOT on the direct contact with oven basement), preheat the oven at 240C°/464F° for about 25mins. Choose grill program before putting the bread dough inside the oven.

17- Spread flour on baking shovel then put the bread dough on it, at this point try to stretch wider the bread dough (its ok if you feel it become thin this way your bread will be more fluffy!)
18- Place it in the oven, when it start to gain color (after 2-3 mins) turn it around
19- At this point leave the oven door open to let the humidity comes out
20- IMPORTANT: Leave it for 3 mins like the picture while it’s baking if you have a bigger dough let the oven’s door open longer. This is crucial step to have a crunchy bread!
21- When it is dark golden remove the bread and place it on a rack to cool down

The Barbari Bread is ready! Iranians usually have this with many dishes but most common is with cheese (it’s similar to feta), fresh herbs or tomatoe, and walnuts. It’s a popular bread, especially for breakfast!

(Optional) Some people bake Barbari bread with SESAME seed as a topping.


It also taste good with kuku or herbs, mirza ghasemi. try it!

Noosh e Jan! 🙂

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  1. Fereshteh May 30, 2019 at 12:11 pm

    What do you mean by..
    “Choose grill program before putting the bread dough inside the oven.”
    What is Grill program?

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