Sabzipolo mahi

Sabzi polo mahi – rice with herbs and fish recipe

Sabzi Polo Mahi (means: herbs rice fish) is a typical dish of Nowrooz (Iranian new year Eve). You need a few ingredients and except for the preparation of the herbs, the rest is quite easy! Almost any fish (salmon, mackerel, sea bass, …) goes well with this dish. Traditionally the Caspian sea fishes like Mullet…

Kuku Sabzi

Kuku sabzi – kuku of herbs

Kuku sabzi is one of the famous Iranian dishes which is made of only herbs, spices and eggs. You may eat Kuku Sabzi with rice or bread (not in Keto diet :D) or alone. It tastes great with lemon or plain yogurt. In many Iranian restaurants, it is served as an appetizer. Ingredients | Servings:…