Monkfish with Pancetta and veggies

Monkfish with pancetta, veggies and basil pesto

Monkfish with Pancetta is a luxurious dish… with veggies & basil pesto. It contains sea protein, veggies, herbs, and extra-virgin olive oil. It’s a tasty low in carb dish that can be a good secondo Piatto (in Italian: second dish) for a prestigious meal.

Ingredients | 2 servings

120g Monkfish per person
120g Monkfish per person
Strips of half Zucchini
Strips of half Zucchini
Strips of Eggplants
Strips of Eggplants
4 strips of Pancetta
100g/3.5oz Basilico
Extravirgin Olive Oil
Grated pecorino cheese
Finely grated pecorino cheese
1 clove of Garlic
Chopped Green onions
Half of a Chilly
Half of a Chilly
40g/1.4oz walnuts some for topping
1 glass of white wine
1 glass of white wine
Chopped Parsley
a bit of Chopped Parsley

Preparation of Pesto

– Place basil, garlic, grated pecorino, walnuts, and extra virgin olive oil. ground them till we get a silky & soft pesto.


Put the pesto in the fridge because it shouldn’t oxidate and change its color.

Veggies preparation

To the strips of eggplant ad salt and wait 10 mins so their water comes out.

In a pan first add the strips of eggplant, when they gain a golden color add the zucchini with half of the chilly chopped in small pieces.

Before the zucchini become soft, add the spring onions and the chopped parsley, give it a toss and remove the pan from the heat.

Monkfish with Pancetta and veggies

Cooking monkfish-pancetta’s roles

Cut the pancetta strips in half,

Put a small piece of monkfish on the strip and roll it.

In a hot pan, pour a bit of oil, place the monkfish rolls and stir them till they start to lose water and the pancetta changes its color.

pour the white wine and wait till it evaporates, this helps to give the monkfish an acidic touch, continue to cook for other 10 minutes

Monkfish with Pancetta and veggies

Now let’s prepare the dish:

– Spread the pesto on the bottom of the dish

– make a circle with monkfish bites on top

Monkfish with pancetta and basil pesto

– In the middle of the circle add the veggie mixture

– Add some crunched walnut on top for an extra crunch!

Monkfish with pancetta and basil pesto

Buon appetito! 😉

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