Monkfish with Pancetta and veggies

Monkfish with pancetta, veggies and basil pesto

Monkfish with Pancetta is a luxurious dish… with veggies & basil pesto.. very delicious and beautiful. It contains sea protein, veggies, herbs and extra-virgin olive oil. It’s a very tasty low in carb dish that can be a good Secondo Piatto (in Italian cuisine: second dish) for a prestigious meal.

Ingredients | Servings: 2

Strips of half Eggplants
Strips of half Zucchini
120g/4.2oz Monkfish per person cleaned in pieces
4 strips of Pancetta
40g/1.4 Basil
30g/1oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 clove Garlic
20g/0.7oz Finely grated Pecorino Cheese (or Parmesan)
2-3 roughly chopped Green Onions
Salt to taste
Half of a Chilli
Chopped Parsley
Walnuts for topping
1/4 Glass of white wine for cooking

Basil Pesto Preparation

1- In a machine add basil, cheese, garlic, a bit of salt, walnut and olive oil
2- Puree the and put it aside

Prepararing other ingredients:

3 – Add salt to eggplant’s strips and let it rest for 30mins so they become soft and moist
4- Cut the pancetta strips in half

5- Put a small piece of monkfish on one side of the pancetta

6- Role them to the other side, now they are ready for the pan

Veggies Preparation

7- Put the eggplants in a pan with extra virgin olive oil stir them till they get soft and gain a golden color
8- While cooking eggplant add strips of chili
9- Eggplants are golden and ready
10- Add zucchini to the eggplants and stir them till they get slightly soft
11- Just 1 min before finishing add green onions to the pan because we want them to be crunchy
12- Turn off the heat and add the finely chopped parsley

Cooking monkfish-pancetta’s roles:

13 – Pour a bit of oil in a hot pan and add the pancetta’s roles to it
14 – Stir them for about 4-5 mins till the pancetta’s fat melts

15- Add just a sip of white wine and black pepper (optional) continue to stir till the wine evaporates completely
16- When pancetta slightly changes it color means our fish-roles are ready

Now we have a bit of cooking juice left in the pan, make sure to add it to the dish to boost the intensity of flavors.

17- In a flat bottom dish spread the pesto with a spatula
18- Add the pancetta roles like this

Add the Veggies at the center and it’s ready 😀

Monkfish with pancetta and basil pesto

If you like, add some crushed walnut on top!

Enjoy! 😉

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