Rabbit with cream and mushrooms

Rabbit with cream and mushrooms

This recipe is usually used for chicken but I like to use Rabbit instead. Rabbit is a bit hard to cook, but this recipe lets you have a tender meat that melts in your mouth!

Ingredients | Servings: 2

half rabbit
Garlic and Herbs
50g/1.7 cream
champignon mushroom
Extravirgin Olive Oil
ground black pepper
1/4 glass of white wine
Chopped Parsley to garnish


1- Wash the rabbit, I’m using half of rabbit for 2 person
2- In a bowl mix rabbit piecs with extravirgin olive oil, black pepper, herbs and garlic (NO SALT)
3- Put all the mixture in a container
4- Place it in the fridge to rest over night
5- Peel an onion
6- Chopp it
7- Bring the Rabbit and herbs container out of fridge
8- Add salt to it
9- Mix them very well
10- Put a big pan on the stove on medium high heat with a bit of extravirgin olive oil
11- Put the rabbit mixture in and let it stay till it changes color

12- flip them over and wait a bit
13- In the meanwhile bring a pot which is suitable for the oven
14- Inside put onions with a dash of olive oil, stir fry it for 2-3mins
15- Add salt and black pepper continue to stir
16- Add the rabbit pieces to it
17- Add white wine and continue to stir till the alcohol evaporates
18- Place the pot in oven and let ther rabbit cook for 30 mins before adding mushrooms

19- Chop the mushrooms

20- In the same pan of rabbit, put the mushrooms with a bit of olive oil and stir them
21- When they start to release their water they are ready to go to Rabbit pot
22- Add mushrooms to the pot and mix it well with rabbit pieces
23- Place it in the oven for another 30 mins
24- Remove the pot from the oven and put it on the stove on medium heat
25- Add cream to it
26- after 3 mins remove the rabbit and reduce the sauce
27- Add Parsley at the end and let it rest for 2 mins
Rabbit with cream and mushrooms is ready

Bon appetit! 🙂

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