Khoya (or khoa) is condensed milk, it’s a famous ingredient in Indian cuisine. So natural and good for making sweets like: gulab jamun which is my fav Indian sweet 😀


1L of Milk


1- Choose a wide and non stick pan
2- Pour Milk and set the stove on medium high heat
3- Let it boil keep stirring, it shouldn’t stick to bottom of the pan. Be patient!
4- Continue to stir, milk boils and continues to lose water to become dense
5- It will take about 1 hour (or less if your pan is wider than mine!) so you may need to sit down…
6- Khoya is almost ready
7- Done!

When khoya cools down, it becomes hard and almost solid. You can keep it fridge for 3-4 days.

khoya is ready! you can use it in many indian sweets recipes like gulab jamun
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