Persian White Rice with Tahdig – Kate Style

Iranian or Persian Rice is one of the basic things that every cook of Iranian dishes should know. You have only 1 ingredient to cook but it can turn out to be a hard task! The main characteristic of making Persian rice is the rice should “ری REI” in Farsi means it should “grow” (& doubles in size). It should be soft but not mushy! The only rice that “Rei”s properly is: Basmati. So make sure you have that.

There are different ways of cooking Persian rice. In this recipe, I show you how to make Kate-Rice which means it’s not drained and it’s the easiest way of cooking Persian rice! The good thing about Kate rice is we don’t throw away all those good vitamin Bs (B1, B2, B3, B5..) that are inside rice. Let’s start!

Ingredients | Servings: 2-3

400g/14.1oz Basmati rice
1tsp Salt
Ghee or oil


first of all, you need a non-stick pot, the thicker is the bottom of your pot the better Tahdig (rice crust) becomes! But it’s ok if you have a thin bottom pot just remember to control the heat (not more than medium low). Mine has 5 layers so it’s quite thick and distributes well the heat.

Lets wash the rice:

1- Washing the rice: pour water on it and throw it away till the color of water is no longer white
2- The rice is clean now pour drinking water on it till it covers for 1.5cm/0.6in on top (the water should have a good quality because all of it will be absorbe by rice)

Preferably let it rest for 1 hour but you can also cook it right away.

Cooking Iranian Rice

Add salt and For the first 5 mins, put the pot on medium high heat

When it starts to boil and water starts to decrease add ghee/oil (2-3 tablespoon) mix it with rice from top to bottom
Mixing rice with ghee

Then change the heat to the medium-low. Let the rice stays on the stove for 1.5 to 2 hours. Put also a Damkoni (= a clean kitchen towel) on the lid. It absorbs the exceeded humidity of the pot and helps the rice crust to become so crunchy!

Cover the pot’s lid with a clean kitchen towel to absorb the exceeded humidity in pot and to have a nice crunchy Tahdig (rice crust)

Your rice probably will cook soon (in 15 mins) but we want that nice crust at the bottom of the pot (Tahdig) so for a better result:

During this long cooking time, you can make 5-6 thin holes in rice with the bottom of a small spoon and add small chunks of Butter in them. This way, The the melted butter makes our Tahdig/rice crust better and gives a gorgeous color to it!

After 1.5h this is how your rice gonna looks like
Preparing Saffron Rice
1- In a small bowl add a pinch of ground saffron
2- Add a bit of boiling water, it helps the saffron releases it color better leave it for 3-4 mins
3- Put 3-4 spoons of rice on the saffron pot
4- Mix them well to have a beautiful yellow saffron

When to remove the rice from the stove?

When you see the rice isn’t sticking to the pan’s wall anymore

Turn off the heat

1- Remove the lid and put a plate on the pot
2- While gripping pot’s handles and plate overturn pot on plate
The Rice Crust should comes out all together

The rice is ready!

This rice is a perfect match of various stews and kormas & kebabs from different cuisines (especially Indian and Thai)

Some even eat white rice with fried egg or canned tuna! Simple but delicious.

Noosh e Jan! 😉

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