Eggplant stew – Khoresh Bademjan

Eggplant stew is an Iranian classic recipe (Khoresht Bademjan) made with: eggplants, tomatoes, meat and onion. You’ll need loads of patience and a pressure cooker at your service 😉

People eat this stew with rice, here is the recipe of Persian rice

Ingredients | Servings: 3-4

400g/14oz meat veal or lamb
2 kilos/4.4 eggplants
1 big onion (or 2)
1 teaspoon Turmeric
2tbsp Tomato concentrate
Ghee or oil
2-3 big Tomatoes


1- Peel the eggplants
2- Make a cut lenghtwise (or cut them in half)
3- Add salt and rub it around each eggplant, leave them for 1 hour so they loose their water
4- In a pressure cooker put half of the onion, meat, turmeric, a bit of water, salt and pepper
5- Cook it for 1 hour
6- In a pot add the other half of the onion (chopped), turmeric, salt and pepper stir fry them on medium heat
7- Add 2 tomatoes (cut in half with removed seeds) & 2 tbsp tomatoes concentrate to the pot
8- Stir fry them for 4-5 mins

9- Meat is cooked remove the half onion
10- Add meat and it’s juice to the tomatoe pot and let them cook on low heat all together

11- Meanwhile add oil to a big pan
12- Place eggplants and with loads of patience fry them! 🙂 30-40 mins but you can cut them in half to fry them quicker
13- This is how the stir fry eggplants should look like
14- Place the cooked eggplants in the pot
15- Add another tomatoes on top of the pot
16- Cook the stew for another 30-40mins on medium low heat
17- Eggplant stew is ready!

This dish goes well with a good basmati rice and a nice tahdig! It tastes great with plain yogurt and if you are brave enough with raw onion :))

Noosh e Jan 🙂

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