Fesenjan or Fesenjoon recipe – Persian stew of pomegranate and walnuts with duck

Fesenjan or Fesenjoon is an ACE of Iranian cuisine. With its unique ingredient: Pomegranate’s concentrate and Walnut the flavors of this stew are sour, sweet and salty. No OIL is required because of the natural oil of the walnuts. Try it once and you’ll fall in love with this dish!

Ingredients | Servings: 23

110g/3.8oz walnuts
2Tbsp Pomegranate concentrate
1 onion
1 Duck breast
1 tsp Turmeric
ground black pepper

NO OIL is required.

You should make also Persian Rice to eat with this stew

Preparation of walnuts

1- Blend the walnuts
2- They should look like paste
3- Put the past on the pot and stir it on medium heat gently till the paste becomes darker
4- after 10-15mins of stirring, you will feel the smell of the walnuts comes from pot

Preparation of stew

5- Grate half of onion and continue to stir
6- Add turmeric, salt and pepper
7- Continue to stir the past for other 5 mins
8- Also add the other half of onion and the duck breast
9- Pour water till it covers all ingredients
10- Stir gently and let the paste dissolves in water and bring it to boil
11- While it’s boiling add the Pomegranate concentrate
12- Dissolve it and set the heat on Medium Low heat
Needs a bit of patience
13- This is how it looks after 1 hour of simmering
14- Stir once in a while

boiling on low heat after another hour, the fesenjan color becomes darker

15- After this whole cooking time (2 hours or even more) turn off the heat, you will see the natural oil of walnuts comes out completely
16- It’s ready to serve


The natural oil of the walnuts and Pomegranate‘s sweet tastes are a great combination, especially with basmati rice & saffron 😋

Noosh e jan 😊

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