Risotto alla Milanese – Risotto with Saffron

“Risotto alla Milanese” indicates that it’s from the Italian city of Milan. The north of Italy is very famous for it risottos, if the center and south are famous for different kinds of pasta in north of the country risottos are considered so important. The famous risotto rice are: Carnaroli (most of the restaurants use this type of rice), Arborio and Violalone nano.

Risotto alla Milanese is very easy to cook. Other than the typical ingredients of the risotto you’ll need only saffron and Grano Padano (it’s a typical cheese of north Italy, similar to Parmesan).

Ingredients | Servings: 2

150g/5.2oz Carnaroli rice
2 knobs of butter
ground black pepper
a bit of saffron
30g/1oz Grano Padano cheese
500g/17oz Meat Broth
1/4 glass of white wine
Half Onion


1- Add a bit of grounded saffron in a small glass
2- Pour boiling water and let it rest
3- Grate half of an onion and add a knob of butter in pan on medium heat
4- Add salt and pepper and stir them well for 1 min
5- Add the Carnaroli rice and mix, turn up the heat
6- In the meanwhile place the broth on the medium low heat it should be warm
7- When the rice become a bit translucent and absorb all the juice of onion and butter
8- Add the white wine
9- This will give a shock to the rice and it releases its starch, wait till wine evaporates completely
10- Add the broth, 1 or 2 ladle at a time

You need to wait and continue to stir the risotto till it absorbs the broth and then again add another ladle of broth until the rice doubles in size and cooks. Never let the risotto become dry, be patient and add broth to the pan gradually. This phase will take about 15 mins.

11- When the rice grains double in size and become al dente
12- Pour the saffron water
13- Stir another 2-3 mins so the risotto absorbs better the saffron taste
14- Turn off the heat and add Grano Padano cheese and mix lively the risotto
15- Afterwards add a generous knob of a very cold butter and stir lively the risotto to have a silky texture
16- Our risotto is so creamy and is ready to serve!

Buon Appetito!

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