Italian rice balls with Pachino tomatoes

This is a good starter dish in a cold season. It’s easy to eat, the tomatoe sauce, unlike the usual sauce, is fresh and light and is so easy to prepare. The good thing about this dish is you can make from the leftover risotto and it can be with any type and tastes.

Considering the tomatoes comes from Sicily, I added eggplant to my milanese risotto leftover to recall the Sicilian taste better

I made this recipe to participate in the competition organized by Italian Foodbloger association and Consorzio del Pomodoro di Pachino.

Ingredients | Servings: 2-3

Our main ingredients are Pachino Tomatoes directly from Sicily ( the big ones (tondo liscio) are for the sauce and the small ones (grappolo type) for the rice balls

other ingredients:

200g leftover risotto*
half of an eggplant
frying oil

*If you don’t have already a risotto check this out: risotto recipe


1- Cut 6-7 small tomatoes in half and put them in oven at 120C°/250F° 1 hour
2- meanwhile cut half of eggplant into small cubes
3- Stir fry them with olive oil and salt till they get darker and loose their water
4- Add to the risotto and mix them well
5- The eggplant has its own moist so it has a sticky effect when mixing with rice*
6- Put 3 big tomatoes on hot water and wait for 2-3 mins to peel the skin off

*if you see the rice it’s not sticky enough add an EGG and mix.

7- Cut them in half and remove some of the seeds because some people are sensible to them
8- Cook them for 10-15 mins with a bit of olive oil and salt in medium heat
9- Blend them and if tomatoes are too runny, reduce more on the stove, it should looks like a sauce
10- Tomatoes sauce is ready
11- Small tomatoes are almost done
12- Prepare each rice ball with 2-3 small tomatoes in it like image
13- Put the oil on a pot and bring it to 160C°/320F°
14- Fry them for only 2 minutes and they are ready!

Be careful, the tomatoes have loads of water inside, so while frying it might splash outside. The rice balls should be crunchy outside and smooth inside.

In this recipe, the sauce has a delicate taste of tomatoes while rice ball has a strong flavor of parmesan (used for risotto), eggplant & tomatoes. A good combination of flavors and a nice dish for a starter.

Buon appetito!

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  1. sabrina fattorini November 27, 2017 at 10:01 am

    Ciao Bahareh, grazie per aver partecipato al “Flash Mob Pachino 2017” con questo stuzzicante antipasto. E complimenti, davvero una ricetta semplice e gustosa!

    1. Bahareh November 27, 2017 at 1:09 pm

      Ciao Sabrina, grazie a voi per questa bella iniziativa 🙂

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