The real Carbonara is without cream and garlic. To make this recipe I tried 4-5 times (a joyful sacrifice coz I gained some weight!) to have the right consistency between the ingredients. For this recipe, it’s important to have Guanciale or Pancetta and Pecorino Romano cheese.

Ingredients | Servings: 2

Pancetta or Guanciale 80g/2.8oz
ground black pepper
Extravirgin Olive Oil
15g/0.5oz finly grated pecorino cheese
3 Eggs: 2 whole and 1 yolk
220g/7.7oz spaghetti pasta


1- Cut the pancetta into small strips
2- Put the water in a pot to boil
3- On medium heat place the pan & add pancetta, black pepper, a bit of olive oil
4- Cover it with a lid and stir occasionally, the pancetta should become slightly crispy
5- Meanwhile add salt to the boiling water & add the spaghetti and start to cook
6- In a bowl add 2 whole egg and 1 yolk
7- Add pecorino and freshly grounded pepper
8- Mix them well
9- Pancetta is ready!
10- Remove pasta 2mins before the pasta’s cooking time
11- Add it to the pancetta pan
12- Mix it well and add a bit of pasta water (from the pot), this helps pasta to cook and taste better
13- When the pasta is just “al dente” and becomes dry coz its absorbed all the water, Turn OFF the heat, wait 10 sec and add the Egg mix
14- Start to stir them well, if the sauce is too runny on a very low heat let the pan stay for 2 mins (and continue to mix)
15- The Carbonara is ready!

Grate some pecorino cheese on top 😉


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