Pasta with Rosemary doesn’t exist in the traditional Italian cuisine! Basically, Rosemary is used for meats only, not pasta.

I was in high school when I invented this dish for the first time, inspired by the simplicity of Italian cuisine and it had so much success among my family and friends. So why not to share its recipe? 😉

Ingredients | Servings: 2

4-5 big tomatos
1-2 clove of Garlic
Extravirgin Olive Oil
200g spaghetti pasta
ground black pepper
Grounded Parmesan Cheese for garnish


1- Put the tomatoes in hot water for 1 min so their skin become loose
2- Remove the skin and cut them into small pieces
3- On a pan add rosemary and garlic with extra-virgin olive oil stir fry them on medium heat
4- After a while add black pepper and salt
5- Add the tomatoes and continue to stir
6- Remove the rosemary from pan a bit later
7- When the pasta water is boiling add salt
8- Add the spaghetti
9- After 10 seconds with the help of a fork shrink the pasta in the boiling water
10- The Rosemary sauce is ready because the tomatoes become darker and soft
11- 3 mins before the the pasta cook completely, add them to the sauce pan
12- Add a bit of pasta water and finish the pasta cooking in the pan with the sauce
13- Pasta has absorbed the juice of sauce and become slightly red. It’s ready to serve!

The taste of the fresh tomatoes with rosemary and garlic is divine.
Grate some parmesan cheese if you like or pecorino. (not for vegans thou)

Buon Appetito!😋

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