Fiber Paste for breakfast

Fiber paste is great for Breakfast! It has so much fiber and the main sweetening ingredient is STEVIA. I use this paste like a butter! with low carb bread, it tastes so good, you should consider that this is NOT KETO because it has sugary fruits (although so low). This paste gives you lots of…

ketogenic brad and low carb bread

Keto Bread / Low carb bread

This Keto Bread / Low carb bread is gluten-free, so no wheat flour is been used, so just consider that it will have a different texture compared to a normal bread. When you eat it fresh (just out of the oven) outside is a bit crunchy but inside is smooth and mushy (but it’s cooked…

Broccoli Muffins

Broccoli Muffins are so easy to cook. They are low in carb but contains enough fiber and fat to make you feel full. I usually make them when I’m in the Ketogenic or low carb diet. Ingredients | Servings: 2 preparation The usage of jug is only because it’s easier to pour the mix into…

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