Risotto with Porcini mushroom is a popular dish especially among the North Italy during autumn when the fresh “Funghi porcini” comes into the market. People cook different Italian delicacies with it like: tagliatelle (pasta) with porcini, Tagliata (meat) and porcini mushrooms on top and also risotto with porcini that is so famous.

Ingredients | Servings: 2

Frozen Porcini Mushrooms
220g/7.7 Frozen Porcini Mushrooms*
Vegetable Broth
4cups of Vegetable Broth
Extravirgin Olive Oil
Half Onion
ground black pepper
1 clove of Garlic
Risotto Rice
200g/7oz Risotto Rice (carnaroli or arborio)
1 glass of white wine
1 glass of white wine
2 knobs of butter
80g freshly Grounded Parmesan Cheese
1 Rosemary
Chopped Parsley for garnish

* in case you don’t have frozen or fresh porcini mushrooms, use DRY ones, 30g/1oz will be enough.

Porcini Mushrooms preparation:

1- Chop the mushrooms
1- Start with Chopping the frozen (in my case!) mushrooms
Chopp mushrooms in small pieces of 1cm
2- They should be in slightly small pieces around 1.5cm/0.6in
3- In a hot pan add: oilve oil, salt, pepper, chopped garlic. Stir fry gently for 2 mins
4- add mushrooms and stir for 10 mins
cooking porcini mushrooms
5- When mushrooms loses their water and soften they are ready for risotto
cooked porcini mushrooms
6- Put a bit (2 table spoon or so) aside for the final serving at the end

The porcini mushrooms are ready.

Risotto Preparation

7- Simmer the broth on low heat
8- Grate half of onion in the risotto pot
9- Add a bit of olive oil and 1 small knob of butter
10- Start to stir for 3 mins on medium heat
11- Add the risotto rice

12- In this phase we should toast our rice for about 4-5 mins on medium high heat till they get translucent
13- Add the white wine that should cause a sizzle sound in pot (if it doesn’t risotto wasn’t hot enough) this gives a SHOCK to rice and it starts to release the starch
14- Continue to stir so the alcohol evaporates and the rice become starchy but don’t let it get too dry

In this phase turn the heat to medium

15- Pour 1/3 of warm broth into pot
16- Stir gently till the broth be absorbed by risotto rice
17- Then add the Porcini mushrooms and add again broth to risotto

It is also good to boil a bit of water in the empty pan of the porcini mushrooms (to absorb the perfume of mushrooms & garlic & rosemary) and pour it into the pot.

When the risotto gets dense add the last remaining of broth.

Most of risotto rices are ready in 17-18 mins. We don’t want our risotto to overcook so taste when 15mins passed. I prefer my risotto slightly to be “al dente” (cooked so as to be still firm when bitten). Remember to check the seasoning and if it needs, add some salt.

18- Risotto is cooked and ready for the LAST touch!

—–>Turn off the heat<-----

19- add 1 knob of butter (it should be very cold) and the grated parmesan and stir them lively
20- Our risotto becomes so creamy (thanks to the cold butter)
21- Put the mushrooms that we’ve put aside in a hot pan and stir for 3 mins to gain a golden color

Add chopped parsley to risotto and while serving put the extra porcini mushrooms on top

Risotto ai funghi porcini
Risotto with porcini mushrooms

Serve with olive oil & parmesan cheese.

Buon Appetito! 😉

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