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July 10, 2016

Khoresht Gheimeh

Khoresht Gheimeh – Stew of yellow split peas

Khoresht Gheime is a popular dish in Iran. It’s made of meat, split peas and tomato concentrate (or puree) and onions. Khoresht in Farsi (Persian) means stew. It’s always served with rice. The “mazzes مزه” that you can combine this dish with are so vast: plain yogurt, Shirazi salad, raw onions, torshi (Iranian pickles), herbs……

Persian White Rice with Tahdig – Kate Style

Iranian or Persian Rice is one of the basic things that every cook of Iranian dishes should know. You have only 1 ingredient to cook but it can turn out to be a hard task! The main characteristic of making Persian rice is the rice should “ری REI” in Farsi means it should “grow” (&…

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