Sponge cake

Easy Sponge Cake – Basic

This is a very basic technique of making a sponge cake, no backing powder or self-rising flour is needed. You just need a mixer machine to whisk ingredient for a longer time! The eggs & milk should be on room temperature to have a better foamy results which makes our sponge cake fluffy.


00 wheat flour
140g/4.9oz 00 flour
pinch of salt

vegetable oil
10g/0.03 vegetable oil
5 Eggs
Brown sugar
100g/3.5oz Brown sugar
1L of Milk
30g/1.05oz of Milk
a pinch of Vanilla


First line the cake tin with baking parchment. Next turn on the oven to 180C°/356F°.

In the mixer bowl add sugar then milk and oil. Whisk them a bit so the sugar starts to melt. Then add the eggs and vanilla.

1- Mix all the wet ingredients

Turn on the mixer to high speed for 8-10 mins. Even when it becomes completely foamy let it continues for time indicated.

Sieve in small portions flour and gently mix with a whisk then a spatula.

I changed the speed of the video to show you faster but do this much much slower ;D

Pour the mix on the tin and put it in the oven. For the first 5 mins let it be at 190C°/374F°.

The next 25 mins let it stay at 155C°/311F° then lower the temperature to 90C°/194F° for 10 mins . Turn off the oven but let the sponge cake stays for other 10-15 mins

I just removed it form the tin but it was a bit warm, I waited other 10 mins to remove the baking parchments

This is the final result. It’s fluffy, not so dry and it’s a great base for the cakes

Sponge cake
Sponge cake

My favorite cakes to make with sponge cake are the one with fresh berries, almonds and whipped cream aaaaand another with orange and dark chocolate 🤤 :))

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