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Italian Custard – Crema Pasticcera

Italian Custard or Crema Pasticcera is a basic cream that is used in many sweet recipes. you can make Chantilly cream which is the mix of Custard and whipped cream. It’s so easy and quick to make (except when it should get colder) Ingredients Preparation If you add a bit of whipped cream to it,…

Ghee – Clarified Butter

Ghee is made of butter, but it doesn’t contain any humidity nor protein which are typical ingredients of butter. That’s why it’s been called: Clarified butter or Ghee (its Indian name). It has many benefits like High Smoke Point so it’s great for fryings because it doesn’t burn quickly and become cancerogenic, it’s easier to…

Khoa or Khoya


Khoya (or khoa) is condensed milk, it’s a famous ingredient in Indian cuisine. So natural and good for making sweets like: gulab jamun which is my fav Indian sweet 😀 Ingredients Preparations: When khoya cools down, it becomes hard and almost solid. You can keep it fridge for 3-4 days.

yogurt has so many benefits specially for our intestine its full of probiotics

Homemade yogurt

Yogurt is one of the most used “mazze” (or Mezes) in Iran, Turkey and many other middle eastern countries. In my house we consume 2 L of plain yogurt each week! So for me, It’s almost a tradition to make yogurt every week! 🙂 with this recipe, you can make yogurt easily at home. Plain…

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