September 15, 2016

Nargesi – spinach & egg sauté

[NO BREAD for Keto | Low carb diet] Nargesi is one of a few vegetarian Iranian dishes. It tastes great with bread (like barbari bread) or even alone. So easy to cook: you basically sauté the spinach and onion with some spices then you add some eggs. That’s it! Ingredients | Servings: 2 Preparation Stir…

Risotto ai funghi porcini

Risotto with porcini mushrooms

Risotto with Porcini mushroom is a popular dish especially among the North Italy during autumn when the fresh “Funghi porcini” comes into the market. People cook different Italian delicacies with it like: tagliatelle (pasta) with porcini, Tagliata (meat) and porcini mushrooms on top and also risotto with porcini that is so famous. Ingredients | Servings:…